How To Build A List Quickly

Seven Simple And Easy Ways For A Beginner To Build An Email List Quickly

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I am one of a handful of individuals who has secured publisher's rights to the letter below written by Jason Fladlien.

I have found extreme value from this, so I wish to pass it along and share it with you. Enjoy!

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The money is in the list. True. You don't do numbers like I, Jason Fladlien, do unless you have an email list.

Not only do you need an email list.... it needs to be responsive.

What's the secret method? Actually there are 7 that are perfect for you to use if... you're just starting out.

The Money Is In The List

How can you do numbers like those above?

How can you get on the right track today... so in less than a week... you could bank those $10,000+ months... all on the strength of that freshly built email list?

Just use the SEVEN simple list building strategies I'll share with you!

Each strategy is in step by step format. Easy to follow. You get instant. Best of all if you act today - you lock yourself in at the introductory investment of just $9.95.

More on why I'm offering it at such a bargain in a moment.


What Are These Secret List Building Tactics?

Most are just "twists" on old fundamental lead generation marketing.

The beauty is in the details. Small, slightly different approaches that produce big results. Herre's what you'll discover when you get your hands on the 67 page digital training guide today.

What you'll do first is flip it open to chapter 1. It's titled...

The Google Alerts List Building Method

Google alerts is a free service that emails you whenever a new page gets indexed in google with a certain keyword term you want to be notified for.

How's this help you build a list? Simple - set a google alert for the names of two types of people.

Type 1: Those who do a lot of affiliate marketing
Type 2: Those who have tons of affiliates

Where do you find these names? I show you (takes about 17 seconds). Then once a day google will email you all the secret websites and traffic generation tactics those affiliates are using to build a list.

This is the "best kept secret" I use to find hundreds of sites that get me at least 10-20 list subscribers for 2 minutes of effort. Yes, each of these 100+ sites produce 10-20 subscribers!

Also in this chapter you'll discover...

  • The 6 Little Known Sites I Use To Get Hundreds Of Visitors Overnight
  • How to use a 3 page ghostwritten PDF to net 70+ subscribers per month
  • How 21 minutes of effort a month can get you 2,400 subscribers
  • The "Less is More" Sites that no one knows about... that you can cherry pick subscribers from all day long...
  • Bonus Method - how to use google alerts for guest blogging opportunities which produce an immediate surge of traffic
  • And more!

After being amazed by the google alerts list building method, next go to chapter 2. There you'll discover...

Paid Traffic For FREE List Building Method

Want to get $50 in free google adwords traffic - no strings attached?

I show you how. What about free vouchers and coupons for facebook traffic, yahoo search, bing, miva and more? Yep, we cover that as well.

Using the tactics in this chapter you can easily "flush out" $300 to $500 worth of FREE coupons to run little pay per click ads. How many subscribers can you add to your list when you get $500 worth of paid advertising for free?

I show you how to get at least 333 subscribers with this "paid advertising for free" method.

Plus you'll discover...

  • The only 3 types of google ads you should ever run with your free $75 in pay per click advertising
  • The best squeeze page to send ppc traffic to
  • How to find fresh coupons each month to keep raking in free advertising!
  • How to make your free advertising so profitable that you can "roll it out" and build you list at a profit!
  • And more!

This one chapter alone is worth your $9.95 investment today. But we're just getting started. Next go to chapter 3 where you'll discover...

The StumbleUpon List Building Secret

StumbleUpon has its own advertising platform that most people don't know about. The cool thing is they ONLY allow you to pay 5 cents per click. Not a penny more or less.

Neat huh? I show you how for $10 or less you can test out radical list building ideas that can add hundreds of subscribers to your list overnight... and AT A PROFIT!

Now, StumbleUpon is a weird animal. Normal marketing tactics don't work there. Instead you have to know the "secrets" to making StumbleUpon wildly profitable.

Secrets such as...

  • Why you StumbleUpon Landing Page MUST contain 250 words or less (this is the make or break tactic for success)
  • Why an image is more important than anything when it comes to getting 50% plus converting squeeze pages
  • How to use "pattern interrupting" to immediately build your list and make it profitable in less than 24 hours
  • A simple "design flaw" that was responsible for a 6 figure plus business!
  • And more!

What's next. Chapter 4. Here you'll find out about...

The Product Launch Piggyback List Building Tactic

Any time there is a new big product launch that goes on in a niche, there is opportunity for you to leverage it to build a list.

Want to see how to snipe subscribers right and left for the new Kajabi launch? I show you a "2 minute or less" strategy to make this happen. Complete with "ready to steal" squeeze page.

Plus you'll discover...

  • How to get your product launch piggy back sites ranked in the top ten of google for $5 (the traffic and leads you'll get for this is crazy!)
  • How to get 'referrals' from the product launch buzz... meaning other people are spreading the word about your squeeze page and building your list for you...
  • The one sentence you must put on all your squeeze pages for these "piggy back launches" to double your optin rate
  • And more!

Next, go to chapter 5 to find out...

Enhanced Joint Venture List Building Method

The simple way to get joint venture partners is this: have a big list yourself so you can mail for them if they mail for you.

Also have a high converting offer, and ideally have a previous relationship with the potential joint venture partner (the best is if they've already bought the product you want them to promote.)

Yep that's simple - but it ain't easy!

What do you do if you're starting out? Well you can't do a "I'll mail for you if you mail for me"... because you have no list.

You might have an untested offer as well, or one that converts okay but is far from being the best converting site on the planet. And you probably don't have many - or any - relationships with "players" in your niche.

What do you? You use 1 of 12 different alternative tactics I lay out for you... so you can get big gurus with big lists to mail to your squeeze pages and sales letters... even if you're offer isn't a proven converter! Even if you have no list of your own yet! Even if you're brand new!

Some of this stuff is so brain dead simple to get people with lists of 2,000 or more to mail them to your squeeze page... I don't know why more people don't use these 12 tactics.

Probably don't know about it. But you do now. Nice!

Next, go to chapter 6, where you'll discover...

The Simplest SEO Secret For
Having Google Build Your List

You don't have to be a master at search engine optimization to score 100-200 optins a month from Google. Here's what you need...

Rules For SEO

  1. Low competition keywords with high search volume
  2. A keyword rich domain
  3. 3 FREE wordpress plugins
  4. Some links pointing to your site
  5. Your optin box in 3 strategic locations on your blog

Yep that's it! What I do is show you...

  • A red hot keyword phrase that only has 1 competitor in google - yet has frequent monthly searches and can make you $5 a month per person on your list!
  • A keyword phrase with 1501 competitors that's worth about $10 per subscriber to you...
  • A red hot "cell phone" keyword with only 10 competitors that is an absolute list building gold mine
  • A "creatine" niche with only 845 competitors that you could build a list easily in... and make a passive $3,000 a month in
  • And more!

Yes I Give Actual Keywords

You get example after example of keywords you can use to easily get ranked for... and build a profitable list from.

Even better: I give you the strategies on how I was able to uncover those keywords in seconds. Now you can find your own profitable keywords any time you want to.

You got your keywords. Now what about optimizing your site?

  • The only 3 wordpress plugins you need to make SEO a snap
  • How to outsource all the links you need for high rankings for less than $7
  • Why you should only use your keyword exactly 3 times per page
  • How many pages your website should have
  • And more!

Now it's time to go to the final chapter, which is on...

The "Twitter" Secret For List Building The RIGHT Way

There is a simple way... to combine twitter and a post to a forum... that will build you a list that grows like cabbage.

The funny thing about twitter - you NEVER, ever send anyone straight to a squeeze page. Instead you use the "two step" approaches I show you. Sometimes the quickest path to success isn't a straight line.

That's so true with twitter.

Once you understand this "two step" process... twitter will be an easily way for you to simply and steadily build your list.

You'll discover...

  • The "rewteet" secret to get others to send leads to you without any reciprocation on your part!
  • How to use and to build your twitter following fast
  • The "tweet to a PDF" direct linking tactic (powerful for list building yet less than 0.2% use it!)
  • The deadly "forum post + tweet method" that can net you a thousand subscribers!
  • And more!

Why All This For $9.95?

Truth be told - I should be selling this for much more. But as of right now at least, I'm setting the price at a low $9.95, even though the information is worth thousands of dollars.

Why? Simply put - I want to wow you with a great deal today... so I can build my list! :)

Once you get a wonderful deal from me today... you'll be like: "I got to get more stuff!". Then you'll sign up to my list and hopefully be interested in future offers I might put out.

Plus You're Protected By A 100% Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked!

Get this training right now. Go through just the first chapter.

If you don't already feel like you've gotten ten times your money's worth from just the first chapter... contact me (my info is at the bottom) and I'll return every penny of your purchase. You'll get my contact information when you sign up for this training today.

Better still - take a full 30 days to use and profit from this training. If for any reason you're unsatisfied - or for no reason at all - I'll still return every penny of your purchase.

You only stand to gain when you sign up below right now. So click the add to cart button... fill out the acceptance form... and you'll be immediately taken to the download area for instant access.

Jason Fladlien's 7 Super Simple List Building Tactics